How Many Set ups Is Too Many Set ups

I have a ton of set ups, way to many, I thought about narrowing down the list based on different criterias  (float, beta, etc..) but at the end of the day these names only matter if they trigger and more importantly you never know which stock is going to be the big winner.   But if you do want to narrow it down then consider this; prioritize the list by float (the smaller the better) and by which sector is hot, in this case its the Chinese stocks.  We have quite of a few Chinese names on the list today. Other times I might  just take an oversize position in the $TNA to make my life easier.

Some of the stand-outs from yesterday’s list; $MOBI +20%, $DGLY +7%, $PAY +3.57%.

The Chinese stocks continue to be the hottest stocks in the planet so you have to pay extra attention to those. $SFUN $KNDI $NQ $KONG $JST $JRJC $GURE $XUE $AMAP $MCOX $HOLI

$QUAD $ILMN $JCP $VHC are four heavily shorted names that to watch.

$XOOM $SPLK $SALE $YUME are fairly recent IPO’s that stand out to me for today’s trading.

Here is the entire list;



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