Should You Anticipate The Trigger Price

Yesterday showed exactly why you should wait for a stock to trigger before you buy it instead of anticipating the trigger.  We had 57 names on the list yesterday and while I thought about narrowing down the list I quickly realized and remembered that there is no need to do that, the market will do that for you. Due to the weakness in the market only a handful of stocks when through their previous day high keeping us light when it came to new buys.  Remember, you want to get involved with a stock while it is starting its move, there is no need to be the first one get to the party, allow your stocks to start their motion before you get involved.

Some of the stand-outs from How Many Set Ups Is Too Many Set Ups $GDP +10%, $BEAT +6%,

The Chinese stocks continue to be the hottest stocks in the planet, pay extra attention to them and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to volume and chart pattern.  $NTES $EJ $SVA $GURE $HOLI $CAAS $DATE $XRS.

These recent IPO’s look decent as well if they trigger; $RKUS $I $ECOM $GOGO $YUME $SPLK $XOOM

These are what I consider very tight set ups that will trigger if they break yesterday’s high.  On a regular trading day I would indiscriminately take every trigger because you just don’t know which one will be the big winner, you might have an idea but in the end you don’t know.


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