The Bigger The Base The Higher Into Space It Goes II

I’m always intrigued by huge bases, because normally a prolong period of contraction leads to a prolong period of expansion.  $HZNP  has been basing for almost an entire year after a blow up last year.  The base just tells you that the company has a whole new set of stock holders who believe that perhaps last year’s blow up is out of the way and that company greener pastures ahead. (that of course is until the stock breaks-down)

Horizon Pharma, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company that has developed and is commercializing DUEXIS and RAYOS/LODOTRA, both of which target unmet therapeutic needs in arthritis, pain and inflammatory diseases. The Company’s strategy is to develop, acquire, in-license and/or co-promote additional innovative medicines where it can execute a targeted commercial strategy in specific therapeutic areas while taking advantage of its commercial strengths and the infrastructure the Company has put in place.


All you need to know about $HZNP

The Bigger The Base The Higher Into Space It Goes


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