The View; Above The Upper Bollinger Band

What sticks out the most from The View today and what I will be focusing on is the following;

  • $IWM, $SPY, $XIV $SP500, $RUT are trading above their upper bollinger band, anytime a major index is above the upper bollinger band it USUALLY leads to a rest/pullback, see chart below.
  • $GLD has closed below its lower bollinger band for 4 consecutive days, it had an inside day yesterday, and I’m looking for a move above yesterday’s high ($155.84) to initiate a possible mean reversion play (A Bullish Engulfing day would be ideal).
  • Everyone now hates the miners but stocks and etf’s go up and down not up or down.  The $GDXJ is now down for 11 consecutive days, it had a huge volume yesterday possibly capitulory volume, not one stock in the $GDX is above its 10day moving average and only one is above its 50 day.  I will be stalking it for a possible mean reversion play along with some of the stocks within the $GDX and the 2x, 3x ETF’S- $NUGT, $GLDX.
  • The $IWM is now up 5 days in a row, and above its upper bollinger band; $TZA, $SRTY.
  • Today is probably not the day to make fun of those who have been bearish on the market or long the miners/gold, wait a few days.


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