The View; Below The Lower Bollinger Band

Here are some of the things that stand out to me from The View;

  • $COMPQ, $NDX, $SPY, $IWM, $DIA, and all the offensive sectors in the SP500 are trading below their 10 day and 20 day moving averages.  Like I said yesterday, anytime the major indices are trading below their 20 day I tend to do less swing trades in individual common stocks.
  • The $NDX $QQQ closed below its 50 day moving average, it needs to get back above it pronto, big yellow flag.
  • IBD’s current market outlook is Uptrend Under Pressure and the $NYSE leads the way with 7 distribution days.
  • The $VIX is now trading above its upper bollinger band,  it tends to revert.
  • The massive amount of ETF’S below their lower bollinger band.  Normally I would view this as bullish in the very short term 1-3 days and it is, but it tells me two things; 1. The sell off was very intense even though percentage wise it was peanuts and 2.  the grind higher over the last month made the indices/etf’s so tight (no volatility) that all it took was a small move to take a lot of the  etf’s below their lower bollinger band.
  • Telechart’s McClellan Oscillator closed at -200, considered most of the time as an oversold reading.
  • In the $SMH 0% of the stocks within the etf are above their 10 day ma, $EEM only 2% are above their 10 day ma, $GDX only 4% are above their 10 day and 50 day.  If one is looking for a bounce I would look at these names along with every ETF that is trading below their lower bollinger band.

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