The View;Stock Pickers Game

The market is not giving the bears an inch to operate, the indices continue to eke out small gains that would drive a bear who is hunting for shorts nuts.   However, we still have a decent amount of stocks working underneath the surface, its just a matter of picking the right one and believe me, picking as matters over the last couple of days.   By no means is this a runaway bull were a rising tide lifts all boats, some of the most offensive ETF’S were the worst performers today; SMH, XLK, QQQ, EEM, (AAPL surely did not help)  the top 3 were- XES, SLV, XOP.

You always have to allow the market dictate what you should do, but my feeling is that we are going to get a crack, a swoosh down, by no means the beginning of something, but a one day to MAYBE a day and half swoosh just to keep them honest.  Just to remind folks that the market goes up AND down not up or down.  During options expiration we normally get one decent down day, that could be the trigger, could be the 3 day weekend that’s coming up.   My game plan is to continue to try to capitalize on long set ups while the going is good, while keeping an eye out for some etf/index shorts.


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