ThetaResearch Welcomes Two New Active Investment Managers

Theta Research started collecting actual performance data on December 31st of 1999 as part of a project designed to statistically verify the viability of active investment management as an approach to increasing gains and limiting risk in portfolios. Spun off as a stand-alone entity in late 2001, Theta began developing software and protocols for the automated collection of investment account data from third-party sources and the generation of portfolio performance and risk characteristics for actively managed accounts. In 2012 Theta was moved to Austin, Texas where it operates under the direction of investment professional and author, Gary D. Halbert.

Today, Theta is a strong supporter of the active investment management community and provides services to institutions and individual investors who are looking for tactical money managers to help meet their investment objectives. Offering subscriptions via the Internet, Theta publishes information on managers and their models on a daily basis allowing for the analysis of style, risk and performance.

Theta serves investment managers across the country and was one of the first to offer such firms the ability to document an actual track record based on actual trading information verified from third-party sources. Theta also allows managers the opportunity to invite prospects to Theta’s site to view their performance information exclusive of any other managers’ data.

1/8/2015;  Zor Capital, LLC established tracking for one model named ZorTrades. This strategy trades individual equities based on a proprietary pattern recognition system. Theta Research has independently verified the actual performance of this strategy back to its inception of 7/31/2013.  Click on the link below for a….


Zor Capital LLC is a New York based investment management firm, founded in 2011. Our goal is superior performance, with preservation of capital as our number one priority. Zor Capital manages separate accounts (both taxable and retirement) for accredited investors and institutions. This structure gives clients access to a hedge fund like strategy while maintaining 100% control of their accounts.  Managed Assets


SOURCE; ThetaResearch

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